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Experienced with Will & Estates Laws in Nova Scotia

Bradford G. Yuill of The Yuill Law Firm is knowledgeable about wills and estates laws in Nova Scotia and will make sure the legal requirements are met and your wishes are carried out correctly.

One of the best ways to protect your family's future and give you peace of mind is to write a will. Preparing your will and making your wishes known is an important task for people to complete as they get older. A last will and testament allows you to legally distribute your assets and appoint guardianship of your children. Without it, your loved ones won't have access to your assets and your wishes may not be executed like you wanted after you pass on.

When a will isn't properly prepared, things can become very complicated and costly for your loved ones, who may have to take the case to court. That's why hiring a lawyer to oversee the process is so highly recommended. Additionally, if you've been named in someone else's will, we can provide legal assistance here as well.

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The Importance of Estate Planning

A living will is just one part of an estate plan. An estate plan also includes the naming of your powers of attorney, trusts and life insurance information, and any business agreements. Estate planning gives you more control over your affairs and will make managing your assets much easier for your family and/or loved ones. However, even the smallest mistakes can have huge financial and tax ramifications, so it's important to consult with an experienced law firm like ours.

The Yuill Law Firm is here to help – call now for a free initial consultation.

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