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Experts in Real Estate Law for Nova Scotia

Bradford G. Yuill of The Yuill Law Firm in Truro is experienced in real estate law for Nova Scotia. Since the average person typically doesn't have a clear understanding of everything that real estate law entails, it's important you seek guidance from a legal professional who does. That's where we come in. After all, when you're buying or selling a property, the last thing you want is a problem with your paperwork bringing everything to a screeching halt!

Real estate law cases require the utmost attention to detail, total discretion and timeliness. The paperwork involved is wordy, complicated and very lengthy; the smallest mistake can have a major impact on your finances and credit score. There may even be tax penalties involved.

Injured man in a wheel chair

Recover Lost Wages with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you been injured in a workplace accident? We can help you get fair compensation for your losses.

kids playing

Protect Your Rights with a Family Lawyer

Get legal guidance for a divorce, separation, custody or spousal support disagreement.

Estate planning

Safeguard Your Family's Future with a Wills & Estates Lawyer

Wills and estate planning has many legal requirements, and we can take care of them all.

hands cuffed behind back

Consult with a Criminal Lawyer

If you've been charged with theft, fraud, assault or impaired driving, we can take on your case.

Many Real Estate Matters Require Legal Representation

When you work with us, you can expect a polite, experienced team that walks you through every step of the process in a way that you understand. Documents will be clearly explained and dealt with appropriately. The Yuill Law Firm can help you with:


Property titles

Purchase of property

Sale of property


Mortgage loan matters


And more

Please protect yourself and your property and seek help from an experienced real estate lawyer. Contact our team today for a free initial telephone consultation.

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